Vintage Chenille Collecting

Chenille is the French word for caterpillar. When it comes to textiles, the word chenille indicates a quality where raised tufts of yarn from the base fabric create the look and feel of a caterpillar. Chenille bedspreads, bathrobes, curtains and other items were particularly in vogue from the early to mid 20th century in the United States. Though chenille bedspreads and other items are still manufactured to this day, collecting vintage chenille is rising in popularity.

Chenille bedspread production can trace its roots to an earlier American fashion: candlewicking. Candlewicking was a form of embroidery popular in colonial times where white candlewick threading was used to make designs on muslin sheets, particularly for bedspreads. Now fast forward to 1892 when a young girl by the name of Catherine Evans visited a relative in McCuffy, GA who showed her one of these ancient candlewick spreads. Catherine was fascinated by it and when she returned home to Whitfield County, she endeavored to imitate the spread with her own handiwork.

Using a thicker yarn and a higher pile, Catherine’s creative twist on candlewicking was dubbed chenille. She gave one of her first chenille bedspread creations as a wedding gift in 1917 and it was such a hit that she soon found herself sewing one chenille bedspread after another for $2.50 apiece. To meet the demand, she got family and friends involved in making these bedspreads which gave rise to a whole cottage industry around Dalton, GA. These first chenille bedspreads, made by hand, are referred to today by collectors as cottage chenille bedspreads.

Manufacturing eventually replaced the cottage industry. The first chenille bedspread mass producer was Cabin Crafts in Dalton, GA. Following suit was Retrac of Chattanooga, TN. Established textile manufacturers who got in on the rising chenille fad were Morgan Jones, Bates, and Hofmann. These are all names that collectors look for today.

Two main variations in the way chenille textiles are made are referred to as needletuft and hobnail. Needletuft chenille has a high and loose tuft whereas hobnail has a small compact tuft. Tufting where the ends of the yarn are clipped to create that caterpillar feel is simple referred to as chenille.

At the crescendo of their popularity, from the 30’s to 50’s, vintage chenille bedspreads were made in all different colors, styles, and patterns. One of the most popular patterns, and highly sought after today, is that of a peacock. The popcorn style and the George and Martha Washington style are also highly sought after.

Collecting vintage chenille is a fun connection to the past but it is also GREEN! Actually using these antique bedspreads is a form of recycling. They can also be repurposed as furniture covers, curtains, bath robes, etc. The possibilities are limitless.

Window Blind Trends and Choosing Your Perfect Blind

There are many types of window coverings that are available, however not all are versatile enough to be able to meet everyone’s requirements. Curtains can be very stylish but they only have options in terms of managing the amount of light that they let in, they’re either open and letting in all of the light or closed and letting in none, which isn’t ideal.

Trends in window treatments these days focus on the ability to give you choices when it comes to varying the amount of light that enters a room. Window treatments that are able to do this prove to be more energy efficient in the long run and being able to control heat insulation in a room makes you control your energy bills, too.

If you want a window covering or treatment that allows you to control then blinds are the ideal solution. You can control each blind with ease letting you adjust how much light you want to enter in your room. You can either have them fully opened, or opened in varying degrees, until it becomes fully closed. With blinds, you can either have utter brightness or utter darkness depending on your choice and they come in a huge range of colours, styles and textures.

Here are the latest blind types that you can choose from:
• Roller blinds
• Blackout blinds
• Vertical blinds
• Wooden blinds
• Pleated blinds
• Venetian blinds
• Perfect Fit blinds
• INTU blinds
• Replacement Vertical Vanes Louvres Slats

Modern blinds do much more than just provide privacy. The latest fabrics also offer solar protection, so no more faded fabrics or floors. They also block out heat, so rooms stay comfortable which is ideal for sunny rooms or conservatories. With moisture-resistant, anti-fungal and dust-repellent options too, it’s easy to keep your window blinds in top condition. 
If you need to reduce glare, choose one of the many sheer fabrics that provide an effective and modern alternative to nets which are seen as very old fashioned in todays interior conscious market.

Roller blinds provide excellent protection against heat and light and give the room a neat, uncluttered look. Choose sheer to soften sunlight, patterned fabrics to introduce colour and texture or blackout blinds to block light completely.

Vertical blinds have shaken off their dowdy office image with recent additions to their fabric types including sheers and patterns in a myriad of colours and textures. They are ideal for high windows and doors and with the varying control options available during manufacture you can choose on which side to have your controls as well as deciding how they will open so that you can tilt them to let in a lot or a little light, or pull back entirely. The ultimate in style, choice and versatility. Blinds4Sale also offer replacement vertical vanes, louvres & slats for your existing vertical blind track or headrail so that if you want to change your décor or fancy a change of colour then you can just order the new vanes and simply clip them onto your old track to transform your room.

Venetian blinds can be adjusted to filter or totally cut out light, or pulled up completely to let in maximum light. Whether you’re looking for wood slat or aluminium / metal slat there are huge choices of colours, slat widths and textures to choose from for the cool, contemporary, stylish solution that are venetian blinds.

Houston Window Shutters – Keeping the Home Allergy Free

When people worry about treating allergies, they often do not look at the window treatments in their home as a possible source of the problem. Unfortunately, curtains are notorious for catching and holding the pollens, animal dander and dust mites within the fabrics. As curtains do not get washed very frequently, it can become a big problem, especially in a city like Houston, which is abundant with the subtropical pollens and plants that cause many of the allergens. Huston window shutters can reduce the amounts of allergens in the home significantly, leaving a clean, healthy and tasteful environment for all.

Houston is home to world class medical talent. With both the University of Texas and the Baylor College of Medicine creating new generations of technology and medical advancements, it is surprising that so many of the people of the area continue to suffer from allergies. However, considering that the dust mites and molds and spores are able to thrive in the mild climate, things become clearer. Using Huston window shutters can be a good first step towards reducing the dust and irritation for any allergy sufferers. Easy to clean and smooth of surface, blinds and shutters are a good treatment option.

In Huston, window shutters may be able to do a surprisingly large amount of good for those who have reactions to the environment. Even the smallest amount of irritants can cause the symptoms of allergies to spiral out of control. Houston has more than its share of patients, as over two million people call this large metropolis home. Among those are people who have discovered that changing from curtains to blinds or shutters can be a life changing event. Good health may be just a few shutter clicks away, and these practical and decorative window treatments can last for many years.

By understanding the nature of the allergy problem in a city that is perched next to the Gulf of Mexico, it may be possible to avoid some of the issues that go along with it. During the peak allergy season of Huston, window shutters can be cleaned every day if needed, without worry about wearing them out. Removing the pollen from the clothes or hair can be a big step towards keeping the environment allergen free, but it is important to have a safe place as well. In particular, the bedroom needs to be kept immaculate in order to help alleviate symptoms.

Wooden Doors

Since the medieval ages humans have used wooden doors to protect their homes. Castles in olden times had huge wooden drop down doors that guarded the people inside. Wooden doors were found on the home of a prince as well as a pauper.

There is a reason why wooden doors have been so popular through the ages. Wood was used back then as it was easily available and was very durable. Carpenters could make beautiful carvings and shape it any way the wished. Wood was not only used to make doors but also used to build homes.

Wooden doors even today add aesthetic value to your home. Carved wooden doors are a work of art and are very beautiful. However do not choose a wooden door as just a decorative piece to your home, it should also add to the security of your home. They act as a shield against intrusive forces like thieves as also natural elements such as snow, rain and hail. There is a vast range of wooden doors available in the market. So before you decide to buy one consider aspects other than aesthetic appeal too.

You need to first consider the variations in weather than the door will be subject to. Wood has a property which makes it expand and contract with changes in climatic conditions. Extreme changes in weather can affect the lifespan of wooden doors. It would be a good idea to choose wooden doors that have a board panel. The fiber board panel would shield the wood against the extreme weather as well as add to the beauty of the door. This will also increase the life span of your door.

Also make sure you pick and good quality and durable door. It is better to pay extra for a good wooden door than to buy a cheap one which will fall apart in few years and force you to spend more on a new one. Hollow core wooden doors will not be able to stand up against the elements of nature and thus do not last long. Solid wood doors crafted out of oak and mahogany is a good choice. Doors made from this type of wood are not only durable but also fire resistant.

You should also keep in mind that even though you can pick a door that stands out at the depot, you still need to make sure it fits with the overall look of your home. You could save money by buying a good quality plain wood door and then have it painted to match the décor of your home.

You Can Make Great Leather Crafts With Just Few Cheap Supplies

If you like doing arts and crafts, perhaps making jewelry or leather accessories you know that having the right tools and supplies makes all the difference in the end results. Often you can make due with inadequate tools or some old supplies you have laying around but planning and getting the right stuff in advance sure makes those projects more enjoyable. Arts and crafts should be enjoyable and a stress reliever so you surely don’t want to add to your stress when you sit down to work on a project.

I’m glad you’re reading my article and I hope that I can give you some information you find enjoyable and informative. Recently I’ve done some projects that I found enjoyable and rewarding and I got an opportunity use some products that you need to try out for yourself. The one product is Gilders Paste, it is really a great product. It works really well for coloring a variety of surfaces; metal, wood, pottery, clay, wax, leather and even gourds. You just need to make sure the surface isn’t too smooth. If it is then the surface will need a little preparation with fine sandpaper or steel wool. The colors and shades that can be created are amazing, you can apply several coats with different colors to achieve just about any look you can imagine.

When you are working with leather crafts you will want to get some Fiebing’s Leather Dye. It is comes in a large variety of colors and can be applied quickly and easily. It can also be found in the professional grade for deep penetration and colorfastness. It is no surprise that it is such a popular product with all skill levels of leather craftsmen. They even have an institutional dye that is water based so it is safer with younger children (think Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts), or nursing homes or detention centers. Depending on your needs Fiebing’s Leather Dye, Fiebing’s Institutional Leather Dye or Fiebing’s Professional Oil Dye should satisfy your needs.

Armed with the right supplies and tools you can make many types of crafts. Belts, purses, wallets, bags, jewelry, clothes or whatever you can imagine would be better if it’s leather. One recent item I made was a bag or satchel with some decorative buttons that I colored with some Gilders Paste, which I also used for some accents. The Fiebing’s Leather Dye is what I used for color dying the leather initially. It is really very enjoyable to create something from just plain raw materials. It gives you a great feeling of accomplishment once you are done. Some other leather working tools that I used was a lace cutter for the laces I used to join the pieces of leather. Of course one of the most important tools involved was the hole punch for leather, I couldn’t imagine how long and hard it would have been to accomplish the task of punching holes in the leather for laces without that leather punch. Having the right tool for the job is essential!

When you are looking for inspiration and ideas trying searching for leather craft images in your favorite search engine, you’ll be sure to find hundreds or more examples of other peoples creations. Leather working tools and supplies are not that expensive so it’s a great craft and hobby for just about anyone. Good luck and happy leather working!